Filter manufacturers talk about the difference between the oil filter and diesel filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-19
Filter, just as its name implies is a device for filtering, filter out some solid impurities in the oil, as the filter in the teacup, filter out all the tea filter of the division of labor is very clear, in the oil and diesel filter with two different filter respectively, if thought and diesel filter just for filtering machine, it would be wrong, filter factory today to just talk about the difference between the oil filter and diesel filter. Filter aperture is different, the selective filtering material is different. Main filter diesel filter is suspended particulate matter. As a result of the diesel oil viscosity, liquidity is good, smaller so the filter aperture is smaller. Oil filter mainly filter work in the oil colloid material, mechanical wear of the debris, etc. , due to the oil viscosity is bigger, so the pore diameter of filter element is bigger also. In addition, the high quality filter has the function of the 'filter' choice, it will be according to the specific need to filter the impurities of the impurity in the fluid selective filtering. So, be careful when choosing filter products. Use of filter, with the popularity of cars, more and more, the choose and buy of the filter at the same time, also want to pay attention to whether there is a certificate of approval, whether for large manufacturers of qualified products leaving the factory, so you can buy. Has the need to filter, air filter, oil filter can inquire manufacturers. 625. 超文本标记语言
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