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What Components Make Up The Laminar Air Flow Hood



 The laminar air flow hood made of the follow part:


 1: HEPA air filter :  most important is Mini-pleats HEPA air filter with Gel sealant. Glass fiber in high purification rank (99.995%@0.3um)


   2: Per-filter: beside protect the HEPA air filter and prolong the life. It also in case maintenance or construction product debris damage the HEPA air filter.


   3: Impeller:  the market have two kind of impeller, one is forward anther is backward.


   4: Cabinet material : The laminar air flow hood material can be is AL, GL, hard plastic or stainless steel,  (t=1.2-2.0mm) for your choose.  


 5: Air stream uniform device:

   With the growing popularity of laminar air flow units,

Most of the manufactures start to install the air stream uniform

This device for adjust the air outlet stream,

It can improve the clean room air stream distribution.

At present, there is three kind of this device,

One is diffuser plate with small hole,

This depend the hole density.

Another is grid,

The third is air flow curve.   

   6: The motor:


At present, there are both motors use for the laminar air flow units (DC and AC)

Usually the DC cost very high, and the consume high than AC,

  The AC is small volume, low cost and less consume.

The laminar air flow unit life about 4-100,000 hours,

Haoairtech company have high-tech make the motor improve the life than this.


7: Metal protective mesh:

Anti-static metal screen for protect the air filter. 

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