A picture of a hand wash is hanging on the wall. First step it is use the hand lotion, and then soak in the water for 30 seconds. After washing, a pond with disinfectant was passed before entering the workshop formally. Following the packaging line, the first contact is a seemingly unattractive metal detector. After the production of the food, the iron, whose diameter is greater than or equal to 1 mm, or the non-ferrous material whose diameter is greater than or equal to 1.5 millimeters, can be removed. One of our gold inspection instruments is more than fifteen thousand US Dollar, as long as the instrument detectable 3 or 1 hours of metal in half an hour, manager should report to the relevant departments of the enterprise, stop the machine to find the reason, and isolate the product to wait for treatment.


Through the air shower room to control the micro pollution source in the cleaning room of the food workshop:

The positive pressure cleaning room is one of the important purification to ensure the safety of the processing environment in the food workshop. Because it does not have bactericidal function, it can only reduce the microbial content by controlling the dust. As long as the engine is running, its "micro pollution sources" will be displayed one by one, such as air conditioner, bacteria, bacteria in the inner wall, bacteria spread in the filter and so on. In order to prevent food enterprises from investing heavily in clean and clean rooms to ensure food production safety, they have not completely eliminated the "micro pollution" risks.

A:the management of the staff, in the clean indoor pollution source 80% from the workers, if the workers can do management in accordance with the cleaning room management method, and all the personnel are also implemented, the source of pollution has been reduced by half.

B : entering the clean room staff, must have the idea of achieving high cleanliness standard and maintaining the best condition.

C : The number of employees entering the clean room should be kept to a minimum (the smaller the better), and it is necessary to enter and clean the room according to the standard process of clean rooms. In the opposite direction, only the buffer channel or air shower room can be removed.

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