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Things you should know when getting a cleanroom


Basically, there are various types of particles around us and a considerable amount of these particles are harmful to some manufacturing processes. Some everyday microorganisms too can be harmful to sensitive manufacturing processes. Since most of the industries consider manufacturing micro devices these days, contamination can become a serious threat to such processes. If you are involved in a manufacturing process that demands cleanrooms, you should go for it without compromising.

Should you go for a traditional cleanroom or a modular cleanroom?

Traditional cleanrooms are more of containment rooms. The air inside these cleanrooms is filtered and sent back to the room. However, the modular cleanrooms are pretty different particularly in the context of air flow; they use HEPA or ULPA air filters to achieve a supreme level of purity. Today, modular cleanrooms are the most popular solution in the industry; they can be built faster, they cost less and comes with various custom designs to match different purposes.

Modular cleanrooms are highly customizable

Modular cleanrooms come as a highly customizable solution. They can be built to match different spaces and to perform various types of tasks. You can practically have a mini-size modular room to accommodate one individual or a massive one to accommodate hundreds of employees. Building modular cleanrooms with different air pressure levels, temperatures, lighting etc. is pretty simple with the modern technology.

Cleanrooms help you to meet ISO standards

If you intend to get ISO International Standards to products like medication, food etc., it is compulsory to seek the assistance of a cleanroom. Particularly, standards like ISO 14644-1:1999 demands the necessity of environments like cleanrooms. Also, such standards demand you to use controlled environments when manufacturing packages that directly contact with food. So, be sure if you need to get such standards in order to assure the quality of your products; under such circumstances, it is compulsory to get cleanrooms built.

Be sure to validate the cleanrooms

Your cleanroom doesn’t serve the purpose unless you get a proper validation. After the cleanroom is built, it should be validated to ensure that it performs under the respective ISO standards. If your products demand a controlled environment such as cleanrooms, you should add credibility to your products by complying with the ISO standards. So, be sure to check if the respective cleanroom is built to match the standards.

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