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Cleanroom Pass Box



     In general Pass Box is classified into two types.

     There are static pass box and dynamic pass box. 

  These are the types mostly used in pass box applications such as pass box in radiology, Pharmaceutical industries, Chemical research laboratories,

     Electronic industry, Semiconductor production, Food processing industry etc.

       In general dynamic pass box manufacturer in china in a manner such that the material transfers without much personnel movement.    

 Main key features for dynamic pass box are UV light along with hour meter, chemical resistance, low vibration and noise. 


  In the case of static pass box design in peculiar way as follows. 


    It is used in controlling the entrance of particulate air contamination into the clean room and controlled environment.

     dynamic pass box a

     Main key features for static pass box are Choice of mechanical or electrical interlocked.


     While considering both static pass box manufacturer in india and dynamic pass box categories their pass box specifications are 

    as    follows such as door having electromagnetic interlocking system, window consists of tempered glass, HEPA filter (0.3 micron), Hour meter, Magnehelic / Minihelic Pressure Gauge.

    As we discuss about pass box manufacturers and suppliers  which in turn static pass box and dynamic pass box manufacturers and suppliers in china are large numbers. 

But haoairtech are pass box (static pass box and dynamic pass box) manufacturer & supplier with enormous experience and spacious knowledge. 

   There are many other pass box (static pass box and dynamic pass box) price list given by large number of pass box   (static pass box and dynamic pass box) manufacturers & suppliers in these types of pass box industries.

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