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3 Reasons for Maintaining Positive Pressure Value of Clean Booth


3 Reasons for Maintaining Positive Pressure Value of Clean Booth

Clean booth is a kind of simply constructed clean room. Clean booth with a variety of clean grades and space collocation can be designed and manufactured according to the use requirements. 

Therefore, its main characteristics are simple, flexible and easy to install, short construction period and mobility. 

At the same time, the clean room can be added locally to the places where high cleanliness is needed in some parts of the general grade clean room in order to reduce the cost. 

Clean booth is a kind of air purification equipment which can provide local high clean environment. Clean shed is mainly composed of box, fan, primary air filter, damper layer, lamps and lanterns, and the shell is sprayed with plastic. 

The product can be suspended or supported on the ground. It has compact structure and is easy to use. It can be used individually or connected to form a banded clean area.

3 Reasons for Maintaining Positive Pressure Value of Clean Booth are as follow

1.Clean booth should maintain a certain positive pressure to ensure that it is not polluted by the outside environment. 

The air supply volume of the purification system is greater than the sum of the return air volume and the exhaust air volume. 

The air supply volume is affected by the sealing function of the enclosure structure. 

The static pressure difference between clean rooms of different grades and between clean and non-clean areas should not be less than 5 Pa, and between clean and outdoor areas should not be less than 10 Pa.

2.The air distribution in the clean room is different from that in the normal air-conditioned room. 

It has a great influence on the cleanliness. Therefore, starting from the demand for cleanliness in production technology, we should judge it in accordance with the characteristics of cooperative construction based on saving criteria. When the cleanliness of technical requirement is 100, laminar flow pattern is selected, and turbulent flow pattern is selected when the cleanliness is 1000-100000.

3.Working Principle of Clean booth: The filter unit of FFU fan is first filtered by inhaling fresh air through the primary filter and then filtered by 99.99@0.3um in the second channel of the high efficiency filter. 

The whole outlet surface is uniformly delivered to the clean shed at a speed of 0.45m/s+20%, which makes the clean air flow in a straight one-way flow, and then ensures the required cleanliness in the working area.

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