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Fire Resistance Air Filter


Fire Resistance Air Filter

Fire Resistance Air Filter is a high-performance cleaning device, which is also known as Fire Resistance Air Filter, Aluminum frame air filter, fire resistance air filter china, fire resistance air filter suppliers. The Fire Resistance Air Filter is made of a unique flame-retardant fiber filter material, which has the characteristics of strong flame retardancy, low resistance, and good filtration performance. The air filter utilizes a multi-layered encryption process technology to ensure a sealed. Fire Resistance Air Filter is mainly used in the air supply end of the bio-pharmaceutical, clean rooms and dust-free purification workshop.


  1. Strong Structure

  2. Large Dust Holding Capacity

  3. Low Operation Cost

  4. Aluminum Alloy

  5. Ensures Low Initial Resistance

The flame-retardant air filter adopts foreign advanced equipment and process with higher air penetration rate and lower drag focuses. The unique way of flame-retardant fiber filter can be trapping more than 0.5um particles. The filter has low resistance, high dust volume, strong flame retardancy, low operating cost, and long service life.

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