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How Many Functional Characteristics of Laminar Flow Operating Room


1:  Low concentration of bacteria and anesthetic gases in operating room

2:  Comfortable air flow, indoor temperature can be 15-25 degrees Celsius, humidity can be adjusted between 50-65%.

3. Positive airflow in operating room, (+23-25pa) to prevent foreign pollution from entering

4: The air in the operating room is fresh, clean and comfortable.

5: Laminar flow operating room, in general, does not need to use force or chemical methods

for disinfection, that is to save labor, but also to avoid adverse gas effects.

6: Nosocomial infection rate (especially surgical and burn infection rate) has been greatly reduced.

7:  Noise: Due to the use of air supply smallpox in laminar operating room, the main source of noise is the excessive return air outlet and the unreasonable design of exhaust air. Fortunately, the volume of the operating room is 42dB, so there is no discomfort.

In fact, the source of noise is equipment and medical equipment. Reasonable layout and decoration can be avoided.

8:  Laminar flow operating room is expensive, monthly expenditure, non-conditional superiority,

 fear of extravagance.

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