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Application Area Analysis For HVAC Air Filter


Application Area Analysis for HVAC Air Filter


         1: Primary air filter:

         A: Active carbon air filter : air conditional ventilation system for peculiar smell ,harmful

      gases,(such as benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia ) and absorb solvent.       

       B: High temperature primary air filter: the normal per-filter, hot air type high temperature

        oven, high temperature oven coating factory,

       C: Nylon air filter:  centralized air conditional, home air conditional preset air filter,

       special acid , alkali ventilation filter. 

         D: Mesh air filter: centralized air conditional, cooker hood and primary air filter, special acid,

 alkali ventilation filter. 

        E: The panel air filter, z-line filter, pleats air filter, disposable air filter and pocket air filter


      2: Secondary air filter:

      A: Mini-pleats air filter and HEPA air filter with clapboard: air condition secondary filtrate, pharmacy, electric, food filed air filter.

      B: Bag air filter or pocket air filter: industry and commercial ventilation system normal air filter.

      C: V-cell air filter: air condition secondary filtrate.

      D: Panel air filter: pharmacy, hospital, cosmetic, semiconductor, food field and so on ,

       Application area: office, large conference room, hospital, super market, air port, stadium,

      And some one big commercial HVAC air system. Industry Manufactory centralized ventilation

      control system , clean room centralized ventilation control system.


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