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Introduction of Clean Work Bench


Introduction of Clean Work Bench

Clean work bench is designed to meet the needs of cleanliness of local working areas in modern industry, optoelectronic industry, biopharmaceuticals and scientific research and experiment.

Its working principle is that the air is sucked into the pre-filter through the fan and filtered into the high-efficiency filter through the static pressure box. 

The filtered air is sent out in the state of vertical or horizontal air flow, so that the operating area can achieve 100-grade cleanliness and ensure the production requirements for environmental cleanliness. 

Clean room workbench is divided into Vertical Laminar Flow Bench and Horizontal Laminar Flow Bench according to the direction of airflow. 

According to the operation structure, it can be divided into two forms: unilateral operation and bilateral operation.

 According to its use, it can also be divided into ordinary clean worktable and biological (medical) clean worktable.

Vertical laminar flow bench is noisy because the fan is on the top, but vertical wind blowing is mostly used in medical engineering to ensure people's health. 

Horizontal laminar flow bench noise is relatively small, wind outward, so it is mostly used in the electronics industry, and has little impact on health.

Use method of clean work bench

1.turn on electricity

2.Turn on the fan 20 minutes earlier.

3.Turn on the ultraviolet lamp 30 minutes in advance to sterilize.

Notes for the use of clean work bench:

1.Before using the newly installed or long-term unused clean work bench, it is necessary to clean the clean work bench.

2.Do not store unnecessary articles on the cleaning table to keep the clean air flow in the working area normal and free from interference.

3.It is forbidden to record on the clean working table. When working, it is necessary to avoid any action that obviously disturbs the air flow.

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