Clean room Equipment and Air Filter In Automobile SprayingIndustry

Why the automobile industry need the clean room equipment and air filter?


Because the car or automobile bright and beautiful body is finished by painting,but the high quality automobile surface coating must meet the requirements of cleaner production.Most of time the low carbon steel particles and other pollutants in the air effect the spraying process.  So before painting, once the car body will drop several micron sized particles,  it will form visible tens of microns size defects after spraying.


Using the medium/secondary and high efficiency air filter, the top cotton and glass fiber fluffy felt produced by Guangzhou Hao Air Purification technology Co.,Ltd can make the harmful sundries do not stain the surface of the spray paint, so that the dust produced in the process of spray painting can not fly around the processing area.


How to spray the car / automobile coating? 

The process of automobile coating can be briefly summarized as : Pre-treatment, spraying, drying or curing to three wastes .


Preprocessing is to clean the body that has not been painted before painting, eliminate all the impurities such as dust, oil and other impurities that exist on the surface, reveal the intrinsic color of the surface, and combine the coating with the matrix metal well. The other purpose is to make the coating surface smooth and have a certain roughness, so that the coating can be coated. It is smooth and beautiful, and prevents defects such as poor drying, foaming, cracking and spalling.


In the process of vehicle body painting, the mechanized conveying system of the body is the main artery of the painting production line, which runs through the whole process of painting production line. The design of the body conveying equipment is difficult, and the pollution of the tank and the body, the cleaning of the bubbles in the roof, and so on, is a headache and difficult problem to be overcome.


The high quality the spraying effect comes from the attention of the details:


Good quality of the coating quality for the environment is very high, first you have to wear white coat, white hat, and set up the shoe cover, and then enter the clean room in a non-contact type of comprehensive cleaning, only after such strict cleaning can enter the painting workshop. Once entering the pretreatment process and electrophoresis, the key process site will once again enter the clean room for non-contact cleaning again.


Clean room clothes is another factor for workshop purification rank    


According to different season, the workshops have to take out the clothes and clothes of the next season in advance to wash and dry and dry again, because the clothes that are not worn for a few months will have many undetectable and difficult dusts, all kinds of hair and so on. Wear to work, even after multiple cleaning is difficult to eliminate completely, so that the cleanliness of the workshop will be greatly affected, thereby affecting the quality of the body's paint.


In addition, any car's paint, especially the top coat, which is afraid of particle friction, so when cleaning the car, it is best to use a special cotton fabric or feather duster and clean it in time to prevent the dust from the cotton fabric or feather duster itself, because under the microscope, the dust is made up of very fine particles and is not cleaned. When you clean your car, you will produce tiny, difficult to detect stripes, which will give you a lot of paint. In addition, the waxing of the body can not be over frequency, usually once a month, because wax itself is a very small particle. Too much wax will accelerate the aging of the finish and reduce the gloss.

In this, we also want to remind the majority of the car friends, do not greedy for the shade of the car park in the shade, the body of the paint is very afraid of bird droppings, because of the strong corrosion of bird droppings.

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