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Clean Workbench for dust free workshop


Clean Workbench for dust free workshop

This is a new type of one-way flow clean workbench manufactured with international advanced technology, using an adjustable air flow fan system; equipped with a sliding door that can move up and down and can be positioned freely; a light-touch switch adjusts the voltage size to ensure the wind speed in the work area Always in an ideal state. It is widely used in medical and health, pharmaceutical, biochemical experiments, electronics, precision instruments, instruments and other industries, and provides a local clean workbench for a sterile and dust-free clean environment.

Performance characteristics

● Provide an operating environment with a cleanliness level of 100, for dust with a particle size of ≥0.5μm≤3.5 particles / liter.

● Horizontal laminar flow type or vertical laminar flow type

● Using ultra-thin high efficiency air filter without partition, occupying little space

● Using touch-type electronic control panel, the air volume of the fan can be adjusted steplessly to ensure that the wind speed in the work area is always in an ideal state

● Stainless steel worktop, PMMA enclosure, can be equipped with ultraviolet lamp remote control electrical interface.

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