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Food safety issues on food purification workshop


The food processing purification workshop mainly adopts steel mixed or brick structure, and according to the needs of different products, it is suitable for the specific requirements of specific food processing in structural design.
The purification company pointed out that the environmental space should be compatible with production. Under normal circumstances, the per capita possession area of the processing personnel in the production purification workshop (except equipment) should not be less than 1.5㎡.
An overcrowded purification workshop not only hinders production operations, but also easily causes product contamination due to collisions between personnel and contact between personnel and equipment. The top height of the workshop should not be less than 3 meters, and the cooking room should not be less than 5 meters.
Sanitary facilities in processing areas and processing personnel, such as changing rooms, air shower rooms and toilets, should be fully equipped according to standards.

Food purification workshops help solve food safety problems:

1. According to research, people are the source of pollution in clean rooms, accounting for 90%.
  Generally, each male discharges more than 1000 bacteria-containing particles per minute, each male discharges more than 750 bacteria-containing particles, and the amount of dust generated when walking is   greater.
  Therefore, before entering the clean room, the workers should wear clean-work clothes, air shower room blowing, and strictly control the number and activities of personnel in the purification workshop.
  A walkie-talkie should be provided to reduce the movement of people. By blowing in the HaoAir air shower, it helps staffs to reduce the dust particles they carried so as to reduce pollution.

2.During the operation of the machine, some particles are also generated due to friction.
  Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that machinery and equipments in the clean workshop are in a clean state at any time.
  The fan filter unit and the leak-proof air supply ceiling help to maintain clean air inside the room.
  When equipment entered into the clean workshop, it should be sent to the cargo air shower for showering

3.Materials mainly include processing and production materials, packaging boxes, etc.
  There are two main purification methods: One is that when they are sent to the workshop, they must be purified and reach the corresponding cleanliness.
  And the second is to use non-dusting materials, such as dust-free paper. In addition, reasonable material transportation routes should be set to avoid cross-contamination of logistics.
  The material can be blown through the air shower pass box or laminar air flow pass box  to reduce the source of pollution.

4.Improper operation will increase the amount of dust generated.
  The process in the workshop must be arranged reasonably without blocking the air return, and the process of generating dust particles should be set closely to the return air outlet.

5.Adopt decoration material and purification equipment which is not easy to produce dust, not easy to absorb dust and easy to clean.
  Regularly clean the workshop and replace the filter. Regularly testing, keep abreast of the control situation of the food factory purification workshop, and find out the problem in time.


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