Modern high-end manufacturing industry basically needs to rely on clean room workshop as environmental support, although the scale is different, but always keep the cleanliness of the workshop is the basic requirement, in order to keep the ground or floor clean, people mostly use sticky dust mat, shoe cover, shoe mold, the advantage is one-time investment is small. But the disadvantage is to maintain time, waste large, not environmental protection, monitoring is difficult, time-consuming and laborious.

Automatic sole cleaning machine is mainly used for dust-free workshop or cleanroom, air shower room, indoor, and outdoor entrance or exit  sole bacterial dust control, once the stand on the sole cleaning machine after the equipment will be through human body infrared identification function, intelligent start cleaning every employee sole dust, to ensure that no brush leakage, no re-brush, and many other energy-saving and environmental protection international advanced Level, completely fill the blank of the sole dedusting market  , greatly enhance the cleanliness of the workshop.

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