Hospital Operation Room Name
Purification rank
Special aseptic purification operation room
Class 100
Aseptic operation room
Class 1000-10000
General operation room
Class 100000
Bacteria operation room
More than class 100000
Toxic operation room
No need
Surgical assistant area
Class 100000
Other room
Other room


The clean room equipment and air filter of the hospital system is the first to be used in the operation room,  that is the cleaning project of the hospital operation room, which we are now talking about. It is only widely used in the orthopedic surgery, because the orthopedic operation time is long and easy to cause infection.

 The control level is ideal for the air cleanliness near the operating table to class 100 It is recommended to use the top high efficiency air filtration system, which can cover at least 3mx3m  area, so that people and operating tables was covered .

Hospital clean room equipment and air filter Applied in other areas, this include childbirth rooms, nursery rooms, burn rooms, heart patient care units and so on. One of the latest developments is applied to dental surgery clean rooms, which reduces the risk of infection of medical personnel during the long term operation.


As one of the important functional zone of the hospital, the quality of the clean room directly affects the use of the hospital and the treatment of the patients. To improve the quality of the hospital clean room, we must pay attention to the three aspects of the design, construction and maintenance.


The clean operation room air shower, pass box , laminar flow bench ,HEPA Air filter , which is the most widely used in the clean environment, is a modern operation room that uses air clean technology instead of the traditional ultraviolet radiation to carry out pollution control in the whole process. In the clean operating room, the infection rate of the patient is reduced by more than 10 times, so that antibiotics can be used less or not to harm the immune system of the patient. Dustless and aseptic are the characteristics of the operation room..

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