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How Many Maintain Standard For The Cleanroom Air Shower


  How many Maintain Standard For The Cleanroom Air Shower


 1: Once the air shower finished install,

     It is hard to move the cabinet more, 

     because it easy cause the air shower room deformation.

2: It need regular check and maintain for air shower room door, 

     electric locker need aim at the locker hole in case the pin was choked. 

      Regular inspection the electric circuit, if there are fault, 

       it is best maintain according the circuit draw.

     Regular intervals air shower room each index,

      once any parameter can‘t achieve standard, 

    you can work out immediately.  

3: If you find there is many dust in air shower room that means the per-filter have overloading the dust, 

    it is time to refresh or replacement it. 

     If you find the air speed from nozzle turn to slowly, 

    the resistance increase more and more,

   firstly, you should check if the per-filter have turn to black color, if yes !refresh or replace it.

   4: When the cleanroom air shower  need change the HEPA filter, it need take off the nozzle plate,

      And take out the HEPA air filter and replacement new one.

5: After replace the HEPA air filter,

    it is very necessary to inspection the HEPA  filter for edge if have air leaking issue by the particle accouter, 

    it only can start work when the particle reach


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