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What is the Use of Sticky Mats Role through Air shower


What is the Use of Sticky Mats Role through Air shower

Sticky mat is also called as sticky mat flooring. Adhesive sticky mat is chemically synthesized using the latest environmentally friendly water-based pressure adhesive which make sticky mat entire surface of each layer adhesion uniformly. It will not degumming, odorless and non-toxic.

Sticky mat effect: It is mainly used to paste on the cleanroom entrance and Airshower buffer area. It can effectively sticky soles and wheels in addition to dust and it can make minimize the effect of dust to environment cleaning of cleanroom so that can reach a effect of simple dust elimination which solve the other way of dust elimination is not completely protect the dust dose not spread problem. For ease of use,tear off, each layer is coated with a unique high-viscosity or low viscosity adhesive degree of adhesive product size for different places. Digital label for easy separation between the film and the film layers. Straight edge sticky floor mats can rapidly and effectively remove the dust carried on the sole and the means of transport wheels to keep the environment clean. It is easy to use. When the surface is contaminated, tear up the layer.

Through the sticky mat into the air shower works: Air in Airshower through the region of high pressure air to push it into plenum. The clean air through high efficiency filter filtered from the nozzle can be rotated sprays to person body in all directions so that can be effectively and quickly remove dust particles.

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