The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China, but it is also one of the most polluting industries.

Cleanroom Purification Equipment Guarantee Pharmaceutical Industry Environmental


The pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China, but it is also one of the most polluting industries. As the relevant departments of the state have promulgated laws and regulations to standardize the development of environmental protection in the pharmaceutical industry, the market demand for the green production of the pharmaceutical industry, such as purification equipment, will be further expanded.


It is understood that in 2012, the total output value of the national pharmaceutical industry has exceeded 1 trillion and 900 billion CNY, with an average annual compound growth rate of 20%, and has become a major pharmaceutical producer in the world. However, environmental pollution caused by unreasonable structure in the development of pharmaceutical industry in China, especially the pollution of pharmaceutical wastewater is becoming more and more serious. Promoting the optimization and upgrading of the pharmaceutical industry structure and promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry is a pressing matter of the moment.

With the introduction of a series of policies such as the discharge standard of pollutants in the pharmaceutical industry, the domestic pharmaceutical industry is facing environmental protection upgrading. Zhang Mingyu, standing vice president of the China Chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, pointed out that the environmental pollution problem of pharmaceutical enterprises has been raised from the enterprise level to the industry level. Although the medical enterprises are about to spend billions on environmental protection this year, it is good for the country to achieve sustainable development in the long time.

The relevant experts pointed out that the implementation of the new version of GMP will help the industry to better implement the environmental protection production, and the purification equipment and other pharmaceutical machinery that promote the industry's energy conservation and environmental protection will become the hot spot of the reform demand.


Clean room Purification equipment can adsorb, decompose or transform all kinds of air pollution sources and air pollutants, and effectively improve air cleanliness. The pharmaceutical industry needs to exhaust a large amount of industrial waste gas and its composition is complex. Once it causes pollution, it will be very difficult to manage. Therefore, in recent years, purification equipment has been widely used in the field of pharmaceutical industry, which can kill more than 300 kinds of gaseous pollutants in the decomposition room, such as formaldehyde, radon, ammonia, benzene and other radioactive bodies, inhalable particles and various bacteria and viruses, which play a great role in promoting the pharmaceutical industry to become a "health industry".


With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, our consumption of environmental protection, energy and resources is increasing day by day, and the ecological environment has been destroyed. Therefore, enhancing the environmental awareness of enterprises and strengthening the input of energy conservation and environmental protection are necessary conditions for the industry to achieve sustainable development.


At present, China's environmental costs account for only 1/6 of the cost of drug production, which is far from enough, and there is still a long way to go when compared to the country. It can be seen that the products such as purification equipment still have considerable potential for development.

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