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Characteristics of Air Showers


Characteristics of Air Showers

     Installation of cleanrooms is a highly beneficial step for a manufacturing plant or a research facility that expects the supreme level of cleanliness and contamination-free, controlled environment. However, without cleanroom air showers, you cannot expect the best efficiency out of your cleanroom setup. This article explains the characteristics of a good cleanroom air shower that assures perfect cleanliness.

Air flow

The most important characteristic of a good cleanroom air shower is its airflow. Air showers emit concentrated Class 100 clean airflows. Such effective airflow can assure a continuation-free environment. Good cleanroom air showers generate appropriately pressurized air streams with a high velocity (that might reach up to 8,000 feet per minute. The purpose of such intense air stream is to shake the things off and eliminate potential particles. Generally, the nozzles that emit air are positioned smartly to direct air streams to the entire surface of the subject.

Customizable configuration

One size doesn’t fit all! Not all the cleanrooms are same; neither in size nor functionality. Therefore, it is important that you should have customized solutions when installing air showers to cleanrooms. Some cleanrooms demand special requirements from the air showers; ionization, selection between AC/DC, ULPA filter modules, special measures to match chemical applications, selection of materials etc. are some of the examples. Apart from that, it is always better to have some trendy integrations such as touch screen control panels as value additions. Generally, such air showers are controlled with microprocessors for better accuracy. These control panels indicate the requirement for timely replacements too.


Next, you should pay attention to the type of the construction. You must be presented stainless steel or aluminum as the choices for the structure. The durability and the cleanliness of the material are exceptionally important characteristics to consider.


The availability of custom door configuration is another important aspect to consider when opting for cleanroom air showers Depending on the floor plan, purpose and the functionality of the cleanroom, you may have to look for a variety of door configuration options including multiple doors. However, there can be some restrictions when providing multiple door options for the cleanroom air showers. The doors, however, should also be equipped with heavy-duty safety glasses, full-length door hinge for added safety etc. the aluminum frame of the structure should be perfectly anodized as an additional precaution.

Air filter

Some cleanrooms prefer added the amount of safety and purity depending on the type of the functionality. In this case, the cleanroom air showers should be equipped with more powerful ULPA filter modules. Adding more versatility to the showers, the showers should come in both cart and tunnel models.


Last but not least, the price plays an important role when you are looking for the most appropriate cleanroom air shower solution. It is always better to get several quotations from multiple reputed suppliers around and compare them before you commit to purchase. However, relying on price factor alone is not a smart move; consider the reputation of the vendor, the projects they have handled so far and the customer reviews and come to a rational conclusion as a responsible customer.

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