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How To Choose The HaoAirTech Brand Air Filter


 How To choose the Haoairtech Brand Air Filter


According to the different request from different occasion choose the air filter in right efficiency. 

General speaking!  The finally HEPA filter decide the clean room purification rank.

But the primary air filter can protect the finally air filter and prolong the use life.

Decrease the maintenance fees. Ensure the air conditioning system work without any problem.

Specific process:

1: According the purification rank choose the terminal HEPA air filter efficiency.

2: if necessary, it best install protection air filter before the terminal air filter,

Of course!  The secondary air filter have primary protection air filter also,

Usually we named is preset filters    

3: Considerate the preset air filter and working environment, the cost for accessories, operating conditions, service and supplier and so on, combination all of factors to make the choose.

4: Particular concern:  the clean room terminal air filter need protection air filter efficiency no less than F8 (this for fresh air filtration) the air conditioning system need the air filter protect also.

5: Make sure the air filter parameter: the terminal HEPA air filter performance must be reliable. Preset air filter efficiency must be comply with request and the service convenient.

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