Clean Room Technology Applications In Electronic Manufacturing

Clean Room Technology Applications In Electronic Manufacturing


Air Clean technology, also known as clean room technology, refers to the removal of pollutants such as particles, harmful air and bacteria in the air within a certain space, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, air velocity and airflow distribution, noise, vibration, lighting and static electricity are controlled in a certain range, and special. A designed room. That is to say, no matter how the ambient air conditions change, the room maintains the cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure required by the set requirements.


The air clean technology can be divided into two categories: biological clean room and industrial clean room. The industrial clean room is controlled by inanimate particles, of which the

electronics manufacturing industry accounts for a large proportion. Microelectronic manufacturing, including the manufacture of optical and magnetic products (optical disc, film, tape production), flat panel display, computer hard disk and other precise photoelectric products, can not be separated from clean room.


Different industries, different products and different processing procedures have different requirements for cleaning rooms. For this reason, the international standard organization ISO and some advanced manufacturing countries have formulated corresponding standards, such as the international standard organization's IS0 14644-1 "air cleanliness grade division" and the FED-STD-2 standard in the United States. The GB 50073-2001 national standard "Code for Design of Clean Room", issued by China in 2001, is clearly equivalent to the international standard IS014611-1 in the classification of air cleanliness grade.


2. Semiconductor manufacturing and environment

As the manufacturing of integrated circuits is ultra precision manufacturing, there is a high demand for the manufacturing environment, and chips must be produced in clean rooms and even super clean rooms. Such as  human hair is compared with the size of 45nm. It shows that hair is absolutely a giant for the size of the 45nm semiconductor manufacturing. It can be imagined what the hair is on the chip.


3: Requirements for chip manufacturing environment

The highest level of cleanliness required for processing semiconductor chips, also known as super clean rooms, requires:

(1) within 1m3, the number of floating particles above 0.l m is less than 10 (IS01 level).

(2) The temperature is kept at (23 + 1) degrees C;

(3) The humidity remained at (45 + 5)%.

(4) The gas molecules are kept below 1/1000000000.


In order to ensure the cleanliness of the super clean room, we should use a chemical filter that filters more than 99.9999% particles, seal the material and equipment that make up the super clean room, take measures to control the indoor air pressure and the direction of the air flow, and take into account the problems of operating, economic and environmental protection at the same time. In addition, the protection requirements for staff entering the super clean room and the management measures for material access are essential for ensuring cleanliness of the clean room .


4. High Definition Cleanliness In local space

The ultra clean environment and its maintenance need a high cost, but also consume a lot of resources and energy, which is not consistent with the requirements of low carbon emissions. People are exploring the clean plan of the two sides, and the high-definition cleanliness of the local space is one of them.

This method is partial ultra clean (small environment), that is to say, do not require the entire working environment to maintain high definition, but only in the key parts (such as wafer and chip processing) to maintain high cleanliness in small space around, and separate from the working environment. Not only can robots be used to improve operability, but also the energy consumption can be effectively reduced because of the high cleanliness of the local space. Specifically, only 1 levels of clean atmosphere are maintained in the wafer outlet of the manufacturing equipment, and the movement and preservation of the wafer are carried out in the closed container.

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