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How many Affect of Air Cleaning Technology in industrial production?



  The impact of the cleanroom environment on the production process is as follows:

(1) Bring an important impact on the production process

The cleanroom production environment is one of the key factors that restrict industrial production, 

especially high-tech production. For example, in the microchip industry's chip production process, 

we need cleanroom air shower, pass box, modular cleanroom, cleanroom HEPA filter control of the 

particles must reach the molecular level, otherwise the production can not be carried out, or 

the production of defective products; in the production environment of antibiotics,

 if there are certain microorganisms, the production will not be normal.

(2) Affecting production efficiency

The impact of the clean room production environment on production efficiency is reflected in the following two aspects:

Above all, a good production environment not only can ensure the physical and mental health and attendance of 

production personnel, but also can improve their work mood and enthusiasm;

Secondly:  a good production environment can guarantee the smooth progress of production and improve the yield of products.


(3) Affecting product quality

The clear room production environment is one of the important factors that affect product quality. 

For example, integrated circuits, chemical reagents, photographic film, precision instruments and micro-motors,

 if contaminated with dust, they will reduce quality or even scrap; In the food processing industry, 

the presence of microorganisms will shorten the shelf life and reduce the quality of the product.

so the high- tech clean room equipment, HEPA filter very necessary for pollution control in cleanroom.

(4) Causing environmental pollution

As we all know, environmental pollution is mainly caused by industrial pollution. Among them,

 air pollution and water pollution have an bad impact on people's health on the one hand; and on the other hand, they affect production processes and product quality.

Therefore, in order to reduce the influence cleanroom pollution on the production process, 

it is necessary to improve or solve cleanroom pollution problems through clean room technology and 

cleanroom equipment such as cleanroom air shower, cleanroom pass box , clean bench .

 It is certain that it is completely impossible to control the concentration of suspended particles

 in the entire micro-environment in an ordinary production workshop to achieve the cleanliness required by the process.

Only through constructing a high-quality clean room, using a closed structure, reasonable 

airflow organization and reasonable pressure difference, can it achieve the required air 

cleanliness in the micro-environment and meet the production requirements.

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