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What are the characteristics for Purification Class 1000 clean room


Class 1000 clean room has a high level of cleanliness, second only to Class 100 clean room .It is often used in the pharmaceutical Industry, electronics, semiconductors, laboratories and biological products and other industries.

Purification principle of 1000-Class Clean Room is as follows. Repeat the above process, can achieve the purpose of purification.

Class 1000 clean room belongs to a relatively strict sealed space, want to make 1000 clean room accord with standard, must do the following points well:

First ,when the clean plant is sited, it involves many problems, such as site selection, greening, etc. If the site selection is wrong, it will affect the later operation and increase the cost. The selection of the clean factory-production workshop site should be in accordance with the principles of favorable production, convenient living, saving investment and operating expenses. The site should be located in a natural environment with good water quality, low atmospheric dust concentration, and a microclimate caused by topography, features, and landforms that is conducive to production and energy conservation. Keep away from large areas where dust, smoke, poisonous gases and microorganisms are emitted, such as airports, railways, terminals, traffic lanes, etc., and have a certain distance of protection from the source of pollution .The address should be on the upper side of the source of pollution and the main wind direction, and there is a certain distance of protection. The distance between the clean workshop and the main road with clean room (area) should be more than 50 meters.

Second, the clean room air shower. Must cool clothes with clean air before operators enter the clean room. This method is mainly to clean the dust particles attached to the clothing surface to ensure a certain degree of cleanliness or to play the role of air brake so as to ensure that before entering the clean room the disinfection work can be completed as far as possible. Only in this way can the environment of the clean room be guaranteed. 

Third, maintain the differential pressure. In order to prevent the invasion of external pollution, it is necessary to keep the internal pressure (static pressure) higher than the external pressure (static pressure). Pressure difference maintenance should generally comply with the following principles: the pressure in clean areas is higher than that in non-clean areas; the pressure in areas with high cleanliness level is higher than that in adjacent areas with low cleanliness level; and the door between connected clean rooms should be opened to rooms with high cleanliness level.

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