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What role does the HVAC air filter play in operating room with reasonable airflow distribution


It is well known that surgery is directly related to the patient's life safety, and the development of surgery depends largely on the development of surgical infection control technology. In the developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the operating room uses an all-air system. In the early 1960s, the ASHRAE guidelines were adopted to adopt a new wind system. Each surgical unit has 8-12 times of ventilation. Room temperature 25.6 degrees, relative humidity 55%. The indoor exhaust air is collected into the exhaust main pipe, and is recovered by the total heat exchanger before being discharged to the outside.


With the development of technology, indoor air was allowed to be recycled in the 1970s, the number of air changes was increased to 25 times, and the fresh air was at least 5 times. In October of 1988, China promulgated the industry standard JGJ49-88 "General Hospital Architectural Design Specification". In 1995, the military promulgated the "Technical Specifications for the Construction of the Military Hospital Clean Operation Department". According to these two norms and the "Hospital Cleansing Department Building Technical Specification GB50333-2002" with reference to foreign related materials and improved, a clean system in line with national conditions was designed. In this system, a separate new air blower unit is used to supply fresh air to each operating room. Due to the high dust concentration of air in Shanghai, the independent fresh air unit can often clean the primary filter and replace the intermediate filter at the outlet end of the new fan. This can avoids large economic losses due to frequent replacement of high efficiency or sub-efficient filters in the surgical unit.

In the operation unit, the ceiling is equipped with a high-efficiency filter, and the return air outlet is arranged at a distance of not more than 500 mm from the ground on both sides, so that the airflow in the room can be reasonably organized, the accumulation of bacterial particles in the room can be prevented, and the airflow can be quickly discharged through a reasonable airflow. Ensure the cleanliness of the room. The method of blowing air from above and returning wind from the side. The operating table is placed in the central area of the operating room, and the doctor and related personnel are on the two sides of the operating table. The airflow is sent out from the upper air outlet, and then returned from both sides after the operating table. This can ensure the high degree of sterility of the operating table to the utmost extent.

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