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HaoAirTech Clean Booth Introduction


     HaoAirTech Clean Booth Introduction

          Clean Booth is kind of air purification equipment that supplys partial purification environment. According to different handicrafts, one or several fan filter units can be made to form cleaning area of different types, specification and cleanliness class.

The fans of Clean Booth press the air in HEPA Air Filters with regular wind pressure, after passing through HEPA Air Filters, vertical and unidirectional airflow is well distributed to the work area, which ensures the high cleanlines.


1.Structure: Aluminum profile 40*40/40*80mm of the industry's used as frame, surrounded by anti-static curtain or ESD organic glass sheet, covered by air-tight joint blind plate on the top, the clean booth is formed into airtight area and the cleanliness class is available of 10,000 to 100, which is especially used in some areas of workshops that need high cleanliness class.

2. Features:

(1) Assembly structure designed, easy installation and shortening the delivery time;

(2) Easily moved (Omnidirectional wheels can be installed), suitable for building small and high cleanliness area;

(3) Module structure to improve high cleanliness class easily, great expansibility and high value for reusing;

(4) Compared with ultra-clean clean bench, clean booth has large useful and effective area; while compared with traditional clean room, it has such features as low cost, fast construction and no limits for low floor.

3. Materials for Clean Booth

(1) Frame: Aluminum profile 40*40/40*80mm used in industry, which is firm, beautiful, rustless and no dust attached;

(2) Anti-static curtain: the thickness of grid: 0.5mm; effectively anti-static, great transparent, clear grid, soft, good toughness, no deformation, not getting burnt-in easily and great performance in temperature compartment and, dust and static elimination;

(3) Coverd in the top by purification blind plate, the thickness of which is 1.2mm of plastic spraying cold plate;

(4) Purification lighting system is used inside of the clean booth;

(5) Air supply unit FFU: adopting low noise centrifugal fan, with such features as long service life, low noise, maintenance free, low vibration and adjustable speed. And in the end of FFU is Mini-pleat HEPA Filters, which is low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity, high efficiency, long service life, easy replacement and etc...

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