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Garment Storage Cabinet


Garment Storage Cabinet

Garment storage cabinets are mainly used for storing and hanging dust-free suits. It can keep the dust-free suits clean and fresh, prevent the re-pollution of the outside air, and also have the function of self-purification. According to requirements, cabinets can be equipped with glass sliding doors or anti-static curtains, and UV lamps for sterilization is also optional.


1. The equipped direct drive high efficiency centrifugal fan has the characteristics of low noise, maintenance free, low vibration, long life and stable performance.

2. The use of PTEE membrane filter of AAF with ultra high efficiency and low resistance can save over 30% energy.

3. The equipped differential pressure gauge indicates the differential pressure on both sides of the HEPA filter and promptly remind to replace the HEPA filter.

4. It is designed according to the USA Federal Standard 209E, with advanced design and extremely high reliability and performance.

5. Pre-filters and chemical molecular filters can be added as needed to create a better production environment.

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