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Medication Cabinet For Hospital Surgery


Medication Cabinet For Hospital Surgery

Medical Cabinets for the Surgery, Clinic & Lab

medication cabinet provides regulation storage of medications in the general practice, hospital or in care facilities, as these tend to have large quantities of specimens for their patients. The medicine cabinet, like the dressings cabinet, is among the standard equipment of many medical facilities and surgeries. In order to provide an hygienic, protected and regulation storage of medications, cold storage items must be kept in an appropriate medical fridge.

Medicine Cabinets for Safe & Organized Storage of Medications

Medication cabinets are great for storing non cold storage medications. A medication cabinet is usually equipped with etiquettes for labeling sections, especially hygienic shelves and a lockable door. Depending on manufacturer and build type, a medication cabinet is usually available with a sliding door, a hinged door or with pull out drawers. Medicine cabinets are also available as hanging or free-standing medication cabinets. Whether you need one with one or multiple doors, with drawers or trays - with Praxisdienst, you are guaranteed to find your perfect medicine cabinet.

A Wide Range of Medication Cabinets

In the category Medication Cabinets, you will find the proper medicine cabinet in various sizes and materials, at affordable prices. Our assortment includes medical cabinets from name brand manufacturers, such as Mauser, C+P or Lockweiler. Within Germany, the cost for transporting and placing the delivery is already included with the price. In our online shop, you will also find additional cabinets for your surgery, such as the proper dressings cabinet or pharmaceutical cabinet.


Would you like to buy a medical cabinet and have questions about one of our products? Our friendly customer service will  gladey help you further . 

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