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Laminar Airflow Bench


Laminar Airflow Bench

  1. Adjustable Air Flow

  2. Easy Removal Air Filter

  3. Horizontal Or Vertical Flow Available

  4. UV Lamp

  5. Transparent Glass Windows


The Laminar airflow benches is divided into three categories: 1. vertical clean bench, 2 horizontal clean benches, and 3, biological workbench ( The vertical clean bench can be divided into a single-sided workbench, multi-person workbench, and multi-person multi-faceted workbench according to the work area. Various types of clean workbench can be made according to customer requirements

Laminar Airflow Workbench Optional Equipment:

1. Optional US imported Dwyer differential pressure gauge, showing high-pressure differential, indicating the replacement of high-efficiency filter life cycle (filter service life);

2. Optional UV germicidal lamp to effectively kill bacteria in the purification area;

3. Optional anti-static ion generator to effectively prevent static ions generated in the operating area;

4. Optional lifting glass baffle device to prevent external pollution to the working area.

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