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Air Shower manufactory in china


Air Shower manufactory in china 

                  Air shower Material of Construction: - S.S.304/316 OR CRCA powder coated with RAL 9001 and 9002 color shade.

   Suction Filter: - Filter Casing- S.S.304/316 flange type.

Efficiency- 95% down to 5 micron (EU-4 Rating.) Media- Non-woven synthetic media sandwiched between two layers of High Density Polyethylene Mesh.

Supply Filter: - Filter Casing- Aluminum factory extruded section.

Efficiency- 99.999% down to 0.01 micron (EU-14 Rating.) Media- Micro fiberglass paper media (Imported) pleated along with Hot Melt Glue.

Blower Motor Assembly:- Electric Motor-Crompton / Hindustan make, double ended shaft, Three phase, 440 volts, 50Hz.

Impellers-Aluminum, statically & dynamically balanced, forward curve type.

Blower casings- FRP, centrifugal type with ant vibration mounting.

Accessories: - Door closers ,Door handles.

Air jet nozzles. 12V, Male-Female electromagnet.

Electricals: - Rotary switch with door indicator at entry & exit door.

Rotary switch with indicator for emergency ON-OFF from inside.

40w, Fluorescent light with milky diffuser. 16 Amps.

Three-pin top along with connection cable.

12V, Electromagnet for door interlocking at entry-exit door. Sensor plate for door interlocking at entry-exit door

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