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Why should the buffer room be set up in the purification project?


Why should the buffer room be set up in the purification project?

The buffer room is set on the one hand to prevent contaminants from entering the clean room and on the other hand to compensate for the pressure difference. 

Buffer room is best to keep negative pressure on the clean room and positive pressure on the outside. 

Cleaning rooms with more stringent requirements are often equipped with two or more buffer rooms.

Wrong Practice of Buffer Room in Clean Room

1.Buffer compartment has no air supply outlet but only air return outlet.

The buffer room entering the clean area through the non-clean area only has a return air outlet, not a supply air outlet. 

This will inevitably lead to two shortcomings: Firstly, although the negative pressure of buffer is guaranteed for indoor, it is difficult to guarantee the positive pressure for outdoor. 

Secondly, the buffer room belongs to the quasi-clean area. It is difficult to ensure the cleanliness of the quasi-clean area only by means of compensating air flow through the door seam of the changing room. 

Therefore, it is suggested that the buffer room should also be provided with appropriate air supply.

2.No buffer room is installed at the emergency exit leading to the outdoor area.

Setting up buffer room at emergency exit. Different designers have different opinions, but from the point of view of debugging, it is suggested to add buffer room. 

From the point of view of pressure difference, the pressure difference between the clean profile and the outdoor corridor is as high as 50Pa. 

Under such a high pressure difference, the door crack noise at the emergency exit is very large. 

And in case the door opens, it will cause pressure relief in the whole clean room, and pressure backfilling will occur in the clean room rooms. 

This situation can be completely avoided if a buffer room is set up. 

It is worth pointing out that the opening direction of the buffer room door should not be directed towards the side with high pressure (i.e. clean profile), but should be the same as that of the emergency exit door.

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