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Cleanroom Air Filter Application And Classification


   Clean room Air Filter Application and Classification


 haoairtech brand clean room air filter use the atmospheric dust counting method.

 The HEPA filter use the DOP Test, 

we can divide the air filter according to the different application, character,and different construction.


1: HEPA filters:

   Application: purification centre air conditional system.

 Characteristics: high efficiency, low resistance

2:Deep Pleats HEPA filter with big air volume:

  Application: air cabinet finally filtration.

   Characteristics: high efficiency, big air volume, dust holding capacity. 

3: Aluminum panel air filter:

   Application:  HVAC control system, or terrible environment per-filter, 

 Characteristics:  easy clean, endurable.

4: sub-HEPA filter:

  Application: all kinds of clean room engineering, and special centre air conditional control system,

 Characteristics: high efficiency, low resistance, dust holding capacity.  

5: HEPA  Filter box:

  Application: all kind of un-laminar flow different purification clean room ceiling.  

 Characteristics: performance reliable, easy install, simple maintain.  

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