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How to make the environmental Management of Laminar Flow Operating Room


Laminar flow system is a kind of equipment to create clean operating room. No matter how advanced it is, it is not "universal" because laminar flow system has no function of disinfection and sterilization. The sterile environment of laminar flow operating room is mainly through air filters, laminar flow has been maintained indoors in a positive pressure state.



1: Hand-washing pants and shoes and hats must be replaced before entering the operating room.


2: Strictly control the number of people entering the room


3: Minimize the opening times and practice of laminar flow operating room (let alone keep the door closed) to maintain a relatively closed state, in order to prevent the entry of external pollution.


4: Wipe indoor articles, medical instruments and equipment with alcohol before operation.


5: Clean all indoor articles, walls and floors thoroughly and promptly after operation.


6: women do not use cosmetics like powder, hair spray and nail polish to reduce the source of pollution.


7: Workwear should be made of polyester and nylon fabrics which are not easy to generate static electricity and shed.


8: Regularly detect the functional status of laminar flow system, test the ambient air cleanliness index and bacterial culture in laminar flow operating room.


In a word, using laminar flow operating room, strengthening aseptic concept and standardized management are still the fundamental guarantee and requirement of medical process safety. It is still the key point of operating room work. Only when they are closely combined, can they become perfect.

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