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Talking about the application range of purification engineering


With the development of the economy, the standards for purification in various industries are getting higher and higher. The purification standard of the factory workshop during the construction process will directly affect the quality of the products in the future, which determines the qualification rate of the products; the degree of purification of the operating room is related to the postoperative infection rate of the patient. The high-quality purifying operating room can improve the success rate of various difficult operations, which is directly related to the economic and social benefits of the hospital; The degree of purification of food production plants is related to people's most important food safety. From the source of production, we must pay attention to the standards of cleanliness and prevent food contamination.

Purification projects have been widely used in a variety of industries, characterized by high complexity and high integration. The four major areas of purification engineering applications are mainly : electronic factories, pharmaceutical plants, operating rooms, biosafety laboratories, and different areas of purification control system requirements.  
The control characteristics of the four major areas of purification engineering are as follows:

The cleanliness of the electronics factory directly affects the quality of electronic products. It adopts a primary air supply and secondary air supply system, and uses a large number of FFU fan filter units to purify the air in layers, achieving level 8 purification in the locker room, level 7 in the corridor, and level 6 in the production workshop. Partially required between level 5 or level 4, static acceptance is required after the project is completed.

Pharmaceutical plant purification engineering
The three objectives of the purification control of the pharmaceutical factory are cleanliness, the air lock chamber widely uses the six-level standard to control the clean room without cross-contamination; the CFU refers to the number of live bacteria in the clean room; the project needs to obtain the national GMP certification.
After completing these three goals, it can be a qualified purification project. The engineering system needs to use 5 poles of the duty fan, which is dynamically monitored by the drug inspection bureau and used after static acceptance.
Laminar flow clean operating room
The operating room control is more strict, using MAU+AHU system, air supply ceiling 3m*3m, thousands of purification levels, acceptance criteria for static inspection dynamic acceptance temperature, humidity, CFU. Usually, the patient has an infection rate of 25% when performing surgery. According to statistics, the current surgical infection rate is 10%-15%. Many hospitals use the daily surgical infection rate as an excellent indicator for the operation room purification project.

Microbiological safety laboratory
Biosafety laboratory purification engineering control characteristics China has formulated relevant safety regulations. The engineering purification equipment uses bio-safety isolation suits and independent oxygen supply systems. The waste liquid and waste gas are uniformly purified and passed through the rigorous test after treatment. The closed isolator is used. The level barrier system guarantees personal safety and formulates a complete biosafety laboratory purification management order.

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