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What Purification Equipment Is Required For A Clean Room?


What Purification Equipment Is Required For A Clean Room?

The dust-free workshop can keep the indoor temperature and humidity within a specific range. Through continuous air exchange and effective air purification, the purification equipment is crucial for a dust-free workshop. What cleanroom equipment are required for the clean room? Let's take a look with Haoair, hoping to help friends who need to build a clean room.

1. Air shower

Air shower is an indispensable and clean auxiliary equipment in modern industrial clean workshops. It can remove the dust on the surface of people and objects, and at the same time it plays a role in buffering and isolating the clean and unclean areas on both sides of the air shower. The device is widely used in food, medicine, biological engineering and precision electronics. The air shower is divided into two types: "common type and interlock type": the common type adopts the manual start-up blow-out control method, and individual operators will choose the escape method of "leaving without blowing". This makes it difficult to guarantee the cleanliness of the clean air. It may even affect the quality of the product.

In a clean room, under dynamic conditions, the largest source of bacteria and dust is the operator. Before the operator enters the clean room, it must use clean air to blow the dust particles attached to the clothes surface.

2. Efficient air outlet

Can be widely used in electronic industry, precision machinery, metallurgy, chemical and other industries and medical, pharmaceutical, food and other departments of the purification of air conditioning systems. The device is mainly composed of a static pressure box, a high-efficiency filter, an aluminum alloy diffuser plate, and a standard flange interface. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, simple structure and reliable use. The air outlet is of the bottom-mounted type and has the advantages of convenient installation and replacement of the filter in the clean room. The high-efficiency filter adopts mechanical compression or liquid tank sealing device to ensure that the air outlet is installed without leakage, the seal is reliable, and the purification effect is good.

3. Delivery window

The transfer window is mainly applicable to the transfer of small goods between the clean area and the non-clean area, or between the clean room and the clean room, which can effectively reduce the opening times of the clean room door, and minimize the pollution of the clean area. According to the requirements of the application, the surface of the transfer window box can be sprayed with plastic, the stainless steel liner can be used, and the appearance is beautiful. The two doors of the transmission window adopt electronically controlled interlocking or mechanical interlocking devices, which can effectively prevent the dust in the low-grade clean area from being carried into the high-clean area. It is an essential product for the purification plant.

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