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What Should We Know After Finished Install HEPA Filter



     What Should We Know  After Finished Install HEPA Filter 


       HEPA Filter structure:

      Frame, gasket, filter media, spacer, glue, hot-melt spacer, 

       protective net, PU  foam.

    The ULPA/HEPA/EPA filter life and maintenance

       A: General speaking, if the filter finally pressure is double or triple than

           primary pressure, it is time to change a new air filter.

      B; please check and test the area clean class, the test date should satisfy

         with workshop require.

       C: if you often change the pre-filter or secondary filter, it can prolong the

            HEPA filter life.


  Problem and solution: 




There is some particular when you scan

1:the surface of media has particular

2: the frame have small


1: with the air blow

the filter for a while,

the particular will take


2: repair glue

After installing in clean

room, we find there air


1; the gasket was broken

2: the installation frame or

air hole has small leakage

1: change the gasket.

2: check the install frame and air hole. proof   it with glue.


After finishing installation,

the clean room system

can not reach requirement in test.

1. Clean room inside is


2. The system pressure is

not enough.

Increase air flow in


Find there is a lot of air


The filter is damaged

Change filter

The air system supply

enough rating air flow, but

air velocity is still small

The filter reached its rating

capacity for dust holding

Change filter



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