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Dispensing Booth Introduction


Dispensing Booth Introduction

With the continuous development of science and technology, experimental instruments are constantly being updated, and the requirements of experimental instruments in related industries are gradually increasing.

In order to meet the needs of the vast number of laboratory decoration instruments, in 2015,GuangZhou HaoAir Purification Technology  Co., Ltd. launched New product - negative pressure dispensing booth.

The weighing chamber is a local purification device for pharmaceutical, microbiological research and scientific experiments. It provides a vertical unidirectional airflow. 

Part of the clean air circulates in the working area and is partially discharged to the nearby area to make the working area Negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination and to ensure a high cleanliness environment in the work area.

Dust, reagent weighing and dispensing in the equipment can control dust, reagent spillage and uplift, prevent dust and reagents from inhaling harm to the human body, avoid cross-contamination of dust and reagents, and protect the environment and indoor personnel.

The weighing operation area is protected by a thousand vertical laminar flow iso 6 (nf, en, iso 14644-1).

Product characteristics

1.The lower settling low negative pressure airflow flows through the operating area to create a clean and sterile local environment to avoid cross-contamination between different drugs.

2.Effective control of dust and reagent spillover and rise, prevent dust and reagent inhalation hazards to human body, avoid cross-contamination of dust and reagent, and protect the external environment and the safety of indoor personnel.

3.Three-stage filtration of primary, middle and filter, tank filter to meet the test requirements of DOP or PAO.

4.Polymer flow-sharing film significantly improves the uniformity of outflow.

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