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Why the cleanroom air shower price have so big different ?


Many buyers call directly and ask how much is a cleanroom air shower?

This can’t be answered directly!

There are tens of millions of kinds of cleanroom air shower, and the price of multiple screws and few nozzles will vary. 

So it is not clear that one sentence can be answered.

Where is the price difference of air shower rooms?

Stainless steel air shower room manufacturer Guangzhou Hao Air purification Technology Company answer for you as follows:


1. Selection of materials at different prices。

If we choose a stainless steel air shower room and a stainless steel air shower room price will be very different, purified color steel plate is generally calculated according to the price of a single sheet, stainless steel is calculated by ton, stainless steel is also divided into 201 or 304, so the price of this product material alone is very different. The material thickness is another factory to leading the price different basic elements.

2 Different internal configurations。

Generally speaking, a standard cleanroom shower, the key is inside fans , the air volume, wind pressure must be sufficient, but also must have an primary filter, high-efficiency hepa filter, so that the space can reach the purification level requirements, many low-cost wind shower rooms on the market, buy back to know that it is only cabinet with a fan only inside, nothing else, simple work. That's why it's cheap.

3. Does the quotation of equipment include tax?

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