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The distinction of clean room


Clean room, also known as Dust-free workshop or Dust-free plant. In the FED-STD-2, a cleanroom is defined as a room with air filtration, distribution, optimization, construction materials and equipment.
With specific operating procedures, cleanroom is used to control the concentration of airborne particulates to achieve proper cleanliness level.
Clean room means to minimize particles, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space,  and control air pollution.
Besides, Cleanroom is a well-closed space that controls indoor cleanliness, temperature, humidity, pressure, noise, air flow speed and other parameters within a certain range of demand.

Clean rooms are different in different industries , such as industrial clean room and biological clean room.
1. Industrial clean room
The industrial clean room mainly controls non-living partilea such as dust.
The clean shed mainly controls the working objects of air dust pollution, and usually maintains positive pressure inside.
Suitable for precision machinery industry, electronics industry, semiconductor, integrated circuit, aerospace industry, high purity magnetic products, atomic energy industry, chemical industry, light industry (CD, tape, film production), LCD (liquid crystal glass), computer hard disk head production and so on.

2. Biological clean room
The biological clean room mainly controls the pollution (dust) of living particles (bacteria) and non-biological particles. It can be divided into:

(1) General biological clean room: The main control object is microorganism (bacteria). At the same time, its internal materials are able to withstand various sterilizing agents, and the internal pressure is positive.
  Essentially its internal materials can withstand a wide variety of sterilized industrial cleanrooms. Examples: pharmaceutical industry, hospital operating room, sterile ward, food processing workshop, cosmetics processing workshop, beverage production workshop, animal laboratory, physical and chemical examination room, blood station, etc.

(2) Bio-safety clean room: The main control object of particulate pollution is the life of the outside world and human beings.
   Internal maintenance and a negative pressure atmosphere. Examples: bacteriology laboratory, physical engineering, biology

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