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H13 Hepa Filters


         Our specifically designed and fabricated ultra clean HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) and ULPA  

      (Ultra  Low Penetration Air) filters are reckoned for their consistent performance and reliability. 

     HEPA filter  removes up to 99.97 % of particles greater than 0.3 microns in diameter from air/gas. Further, our    range of ULPA filters is known for offering 99.997 % efficiency for particles down to 0.12 micron. 


      H13 Hepa filters are mainly used to catch particulate dust and various suspended substances below 0.3um.  Air purifier is mainly composed of filter element and shell.

     The basic requirements are high filtration efficiency, low flow resistance and continuous use for a long time to reduce the cost of consumables in the later stage.

       Use made of super fine glass fiber paper, offset paper, aluminum membrane materials, such as partition board, with wooden frame aluminum alloy agglutination, the use of 

      special silicone rubber, no smell, not surface hardening, long time also won't have crack, stable chemical performance, corrosion resistance, can absorb heat bilges cold shrink stress 

     without cracking, moderate hardness, good elasticity.

        Each unit is tested by sodium flame method, with high filtration efficiency, low resistance, large dust capacity and other characteristics.

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