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High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters


High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters

          High efficiency particulate air filter allow the almost complete separation of sub-micron particles. Ultrafine micro-glass papers are used as filter media, which are pleated to provide filter-media surfaces which are 40 to 100 times the area of the face dimension. As a result of this, an especially slow airflow occurs which supports the diffusion arrestance of the sub-micron particles. Effective pre-filtration of coarse particle fractions is necessary as mandatory .

         In principle, haoairtech HEPA filters of filter class H13 are checked for freedom from leakage. 

Above filter class H14, they are subjected as standard to a scan test analogous to DIN EN 1822. In filter classes E11 – to U16, efficiencies between 95 – 99.99995% are achieved.

       Haoairtech HEPA filters are available as panel, V-shaped designs and cartridge, which are constructed to a self-supporting pack with optimised pleating geometry.

      They are used particularly in cleanroom technology, however, they can also be used in process-air systems in power generation.


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