How to test the air compressor air filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-22
Now many people have bought their own cars for transportation, at the time of using a car, everyone will know that free car compressor air filter, it is in order to make the exhaust to the relevant standard must be installed by the, in the use of air compressor air filter should pay attention to some test was carried out on the air compressor air filter, used to determine what kind of filter paper. Let's air compressor air filter manufacturer to tell you how to test it. Air compressor air filter need to be tested at the time of testing we rated in order to meet the engine intake air inflow of the original resistance requirements, we adopt the SAE standard test bed. When choosing products try to choose the original engine products, its performance, fuel economy and reliability are fully match. Rated air inflow is used by the engine is to meet less than the rated air inflow flow filter parameters of this one principle, using resistance to tension, the original air intake resistance and filtration precision, thickness is in conformity with the requirements of the standard of the domestic general accuracy is 80 microns, filter paper filter precision of the ordinary 20 microns, efficient filter paper has 2 microns its filtering precision, so the import of oil extraction machine air filtration accuracy requirement is 5 microns, homebred not less than 20 microns. Through our air compressor air filter manufacturer, you should know how to test the air compressor air filter, these tests are necessary, for testing the performance of the engine can also be seen. If you are looking for air compressor air filter, filter, oil filter there is one thing need to know, welcome to inquire us air filter manufacturer. You can go to our product center to take a look at our products. Awesome! html
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