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Clean room HVAC system



Clean room HVAC system


                  HVAC for Clean Room also refers to mechanical system of the building that provides heating ventilation and Air-conditioning 

 with controlled non viable particulate level by means of HEPA and ULPA filters as per ISO Standards (that ISO-08 TO ISO-05 )with / 

  without temperature and humidity controlled as per client’s requirements and cGMP Standards and Regulatory requirements.

Clean room hvac system includes Air Handling unit , Fresh air unit , Exhaust air unit , Filters , Condensing Unit / Chiller , Ducting , 

Insulation , volume control damper , Aluminum powder coated /S.S. Grill with damper , Flexible duct ,Copper piping , M.S “C” class piping , 

VFD , Pumps , control valves ,Terminal HEPA / ULPA Filters and accessories.

Clean room hvac system is Designed and built in the Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, API, Formulation, Bulk Drugs, Electronics,

 Vaccine Plant, Medical Devices, Health care center(Hospital operation theaters) , Micro-Biology , R & D centers.

HVAC Comfort Air Conditioning

scrub sink

HVAC Cleanroom

Wall Panel

Ceiling Panel

Clean Room Doors

Air Shower

Pass box 

Laminar Air Flow

Dispensing / Sampling Booth

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