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what is type of cleanroom used and purification


According to the cleanroom purification space classification

(1) Whole room purification: All the air is supplied by the ceiling or the single side wall, so that the entire operation room can achieve the required cleanliness. This is a higher-level purification method, but because the air cleanliness outside the field is not very polluting to the surgical incision, and the whole room air purification room is expensive, the construction is limited.


(2) Local purification: Only partial top air supply or side air supply is applied to the operation area, and only the surgical area is required to achieve the required cleanliness. It is generally believed that the 2.4m*1.2m range centered on the operating bed is the most rigorous part of the operating room. Therefore, local purification has been widely used in air purification in operating rooms.


According to the cleanroom type of use

 (1) Industrial clean room

Targeted by the control of inanimate particles. It mainly controls the pollution of working objects by inanimate particles.

(2) Biological clean room

Based on the control of living particles, it is divided into general biological clean room and biological safety clean room. The former mainly controls the pollution of living particles with working objects, and the indoors maintains positive pressure; the latter mainly controls the pollution of living particles to the outside world and people, and the indoors maintains negative pressure.

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