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Characteristics of stainless steel air shower room


With the improvement specialization of air shower industry,

the technology of air shower room is becoming more and more exquisite.

From the original manual shower to the full automatic shower,

the performance of the air shower room has made a qualitative leap.

When workers or goods pass through the air shower room,

the contaminated particles are disposed of by highly clean air filtered efficiently.

According to industry experts, high wind speeds above 25m/s can ensure effective 

initial and efficient filtration of jet and drift particles.

Nowadays, the application scope of air shower room involves pharmaceutical products,

biochemistry, medical and health care, health food, mechanical and electronic, electronic food purification equipment 

factory and other production and scientific research departments.

Among them, stainless steel air shower room is one kind of practical air purification equipment.


Stainless steel air shower room, also known as stainless steel air shower door, SUS air shower room,

 stainless steel air shower tunnel, the main role of stainless steel air shower room is that when people

 or goods enter the clean area, by the stainless steel air shower room nozzle blowing out the filtered 

high-efficiency strong wind to remove dust on people or goods. Therefore, stainless steel air shower

 room is more practical, can effectively remove dust particles carried by staff, prevent the impact of 

pollution in clean areas, and ensure the health and safety of the area.

Stainless steel air shower room usually consists of door, cabinet, control system, high efficiency filter, 

blower, nozzle and so on. With the popularity of personalized customization, the size and size of the

 cabinet can be determined by the customer, then be customized to the manufacturer of the air shower room.


World stainless steel air shower room market shows a good development trend. In the new year of 2018, under 

the influence of relevant policies of the pharmaceutical industry, drug production supervision is becoming more

 and more stringent. Manufacturers of stainless steel air shower rooms should seize the trend of market

 development and actively adjust product strategies.

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