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How To Storage And Transportation The HEPA Filter


          How To  Storage And Transportation The HEPA Filter 

 Product Character and usage:   

     ULPA /HEPA/EPA filter (abbreviation: air filter) : a purification spare part effect for

     0.3um particle or 0.12um particle, the filtration effective more than 99.95% -

     99.9995%, it used for electronic, pharmacy, food, beverage , precise

    instrument, cosmetics ,field and so on. The product transit and use must be

    according to our illustration so that ensure the product character in use.


   Transportation and Storage:

     A:T he filter must be placed in container according to arrow direction on carton

       when it is on transportation to prevent filter media and separator from

       damage or peel off.

     B: when the goods in carrying, we hold it in hands must in diagonal,

         the carrier must be careful, prevent filter slip in hands.

     C: the goods pack in three floors and wrap up the goods with clear plastic.

         And then protect by Plywood protect at outside.

      D: the filter place on a plate according the arrow direction, 

          and keep out of more than 20kg strength with the goods.

      E: the storage should be balancing temperature, clean, 

        dry and good ventilate environment.

      F: the goods in storage should be place on pallets keep form moisture.

     G: The package’s heights could not be more than 3 floors,

         in case of the bottom filter take on too much pressure. 

      H: If the goods storage time more than 6 months, it should be retest!

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