Air filter manufacturers say oil filter in a hole

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-28
The progress of science and technology, the quality of people's lives have been high, in order to convenient travel, many consumers will choose to buy cars to increase their travel convenience. Car is a very practical means of transportation, can the independent choice we want to go to any place. But the car is made up of many small parts. Today, air filter manufacturers say oil filter in perforation to do. Oil filter oil filter at the bottom of the punched hole at the bottom of the problem, because apart from a few steel plate with sand holes, more reason is shell steel material. Bottom is easy to punch, have some relationship with the shell thickness, but it is not the main reason. Steel material is bad, because at the bottom of the water, impurities such as precipitation, it is easy to cause the oil at the bottom of the filter by corrosion perforation, like a person resistance is poor, a little bit by cold catches a cold. Steel material is the key, the oil filter with good quality at the bottom of the perforation, occasionally but perforation probability is very low. Cars are like a child, always take care of it, often should protect it, just can make the lifetime of the car more and more long. Pay attention to the regular maintenance. To lower the number of car problems. It is responsible for their own security. Reduction in travel car appear problem, cannot very good to assure the safety of people's lives. 619. html
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