Air compressor air filter mouth appear the phenomenon of oil is what reason is caused?

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-24
Because every industry, contact with different people, so many people don't know the air compressor air filter what is this, in fact this is one of the important of air compressor part, if the air compressor air filter mouth of the oil will affect the normal operation, so the below small make up to you about the air compressor air filter mouth was analysed the cause of the phenomenon of oil, are interested in and see it together! Unit 1, mainly for the abnormal downtime, with stop doesn't cause air intake valve closing pressure, high-pressure oil and gas from (inlet valve Such as power outage, pat scram downtime) 2, inlet valve, counterbalance or check valve sealing surface dirt, sealing surface damage or stuck can also lead to empty return oil filter. 3, itself exhaust oil content high, some of the feed to the empty filter models dump valve discharge gas into the air filter oil, lead to air filter oil, this time at the same time accompanied by the exhaust gas oil. 4、AIV- 40 b this intake valve if barrels of oil and gas oil level is too high, when the relief valve discharge process temperature is too high, stop put too fast, high pressure due to high temperature and urgent stopping pressure change quickly, if the screw oil poor foamability, leads to a large number of air bubble oily cent, CPC is more, the discharge pipes, also easy to form the empty mouth return oil filter. At the same time accompanied by large oil content in the exhaust. That is about the air compressor air filter mouth four reasons of appear the phenomenon of oil, air compressor air filter is expendable, used to a certain time limit will need to change, hope that friends can remember! If you want to buy air compressor air filter, filter, oil filter, and other products, we can telephone contact us love auto parts manufacturers. 689. html
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