A common two problems of solution filter filter manufacturer

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-09-07
Filtering the name may be a lot of people are in physics class first come into contact with, but this way is used very widely in life, and for the use of filter, consumers are often want to filter manufacturers advisory two problems as follows: problem a: filter as long as the size of the installation as can use? Filter is used to protect the engine and equipment are not into the dirt and wear. Experiment indicated that the diesel engine one hundred grams of dust, only can make the engine wear and scuffing, visible if the performance of the filter can't satisfy the requirements of the engine and the original factory, so there will be a lot of dust and dirt into the engine, engine performance degradation caused by even overhaul in advance. So if it is just to imitate the original filter appearance size, and in the selection of the filter material filter can't meet the requirements of production process and performance index of the equipment, will lose protection, make the engine performance degradation caused by shortening the service life. Problem two: use the bad filter change can also often? This problem should be in the service life of filter device to measure its quality standard, the so-called good filter should be high filtration efficiency and longer service life. So a good filter in the design and production, will be considered, and the technical specifications of the god of the filter combined with stable cooperate with manufacture. Less known and inferior brand of filter in the filter material, process, and there are serious problems in structure and loopholes, is can't satisfy the requirements of the engine manufacturer, if you use the filter often even change is not to protect the machine. Filter using a wide range, is not only used in car motorcycle, in order to get high quality liquid and gas meet the production requirements, will be used to filter on a lot of machinery and equipment, the production has played a big role. 610. html
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