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Air Shower


   Air Shower 


       Air Shower clean room adopts an air blow method to remove the dust off the staff and objectives, limits the invasion of dust. Meanwhile,

        the Stainless Steel air shower room works as the gas-tight   room preventing from the invasion of the dirt, secures purification level for the cleanroom. 

       The centrifugal fan integrated into the air shower room blows air flow through primary,

        HEPA filter through nozzles, which could be spun 360º. After particles are removed,

        the air flow will recycle back to the air shower room. In order to ensure the performance, 

        One person air shower room guarantees a minimum of 23m/s wind speed, default air shower time is 10 seconds.


    Air Shower Features:

     Intelligent Control Board.

     HEPA Filter/Primary Filter.

    LED LAMP - Recessed type. 

    Clear Indication, Simple Operation.

     Air Flow Volume Air Shower Engine.

    High-quality infrared sensor.

    Imported Electronic Interlock Device.

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