Zhejiang filter manufacturers to introduce the working principle of filter

by:HAOAIRTECH     2020-08-05
Now becoming more and more developed science and technology, industrial production is becoming more and more advanced, just as the century a new type of filter products, it will bring the role of industrial production is very big, the next filter manufacturers to introduce the working principle of filter. Filter is in series between the fuel pump and throttle body inlet piping. Is the effect of fuel filter, filter containing iron oxide in fuel oil, fuel filter structure is an aluminum shell and inside a stainless steel stents, on the stent is equipped with high efficiency filter, filter paper pieces into chrysanthemum, to increase circulation area. Efi filter cannot with the oil filter. For efi filter often inherit 200 - 300 kpa fuel pressure, so the strength of the filter pressure is generally require reached more than 500 kpa, while the oil filter is not necessary to achieve such a high pressure. Usually there are all kinds of impurities in gasoline, fuel tank use for a long time may precipitate some dirt, these reasons will affect the quality of gasoline. As is known to all, the role of the gasoline is filter some shouldn't some impurities, producers in order to ensure clean purity, often use gasoline to filter, and the effect is good. 686. html
ffu has become a standardized way of dealing with High efficiency hepa air filter.
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